Weight {{{weight}}}
Length {{{length}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Width {{{width}}}
Crew 4
Top Speed {{{top speed}}}
Range 400 km
Armor 15-60 mm
Main Armament {{{main armament}}}
Secondary Armament {{{secondary armament}}}
Ammunition Carried 76-100 Rounds
Suspension {{{suspension}}}
Engine 500 HP V-12 Diesel
Operational Range {{{operational range}}}
Cost $8500
The Kubinka is a Medium Tank produced by the Morkiv Machine Company.


The Kubinka is based off the legendary T-34 Tank.

The Kubinka is a solid design, though it's base model has a few definicies: most notably, the transmission and clutch.


Model AEdit

The base model of the Kubinka. Comes equipped with a Mius 76.2mm Tank gun and can carry 76 rounds of ammunition for the main gun. It also comes with two Lacroix machine guns, each with 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Model BEdit

The second model of the Kubinka, comes equipped with an enhanced Bityug 76.2mm Tank gun with 75 rounds of ammunition. Armor is slightly heavier and the two man turret is now cast or welded.

Model CEdit

The third model of the Kubinka, same as Model C except for new tracks, and new driver's hatch. Comes with cast two man turret.

Model DEdit

The fourth model, same as last except for cast or pressed hexagonal turret.

Model E/57Edit

A modified Model B, comes equipped with a Mzmuta 57 Calibre high velocity Gun. Much more effective against tanks, but much less effective against unarmored targets.

Model FEdit

A modified Model B, comes with a hull mounted flamethrower.


The Kulebaki is basically an upgunned Kubinka.

The Kyathka and Kyzyl are built on the same hull of the Kubinka but are tank destroyers.

The Kurchatov is based off the Kubinka but is a self propelled howitzer.

The Kurilsk is a Mobile Bridge based off the Kubinka.

The Kurlovo is an Armored Recovery Vehicle based off the Kubinka.

The Kudymkar is a Kubinka with no turret, but with a 10-ton crane.

The Kubra and Kafr are based off the Kubinka but built by a different company.

The Kulmbach is a Self Propelled Anti Aircraft gun based off stolen Kubinka plans.

The Kunming is a copy of the Kubinka, and is also a Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun.
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